Artist Statement
Erik Charlot's work is the fusion of design and nature, minimally altering one single photograph to infuse natural compositions with depth to create a scene that transcends time and space. The inverted replication bridges the gap between the landscape and the viewer's imagination. It transports them to an experiential universe that emerges from stillness of the photograph. These visions are intended to inspire a meditative mental state and a positive atmosphere for self reflection. 

A Brief History
Erik has always have been an explorer with a talent for art and design. Growing up in the DC area granted access to museums and galleries, plus excursions in nearby Rock Creek Park. In the summer time, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachians were for overnight camping. Every other year, vacations were spent in Haiti, his family's origin. From trips to the beach or to a relative's house in the mountains, Erik was drawn to the awe of wide open landscapes committing what he saw to memory and later drawing or painting it when he returned stateside.

Later in life, after earning a BFA in Communications Design with a minor in Photography from Pratt Institute, he pursued a career in advertising and later earned an MA in Design Management from NYU. Being a multi-faceted, professional visual designer for many years, he relocated to the mountainous metropolis of Los Angeles, where he's been able to change his career path from the advertising and marketing industries to the more fulfilling fine art world. His style of capturing images with depth, design sense, use of color and love of perspective comes through in his compositions. As an outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist, he's traveled to some mountainous regions in the western hemisphere, including: Guatemala, Maui, Haiti, Central and Southern California and most notably Argentina. By creating this landscape art, he's able to present not only a certain aesthetic, but an eyewitness account that benefits the viewer. 

If interested, feel free to follow him on Instagram @ sharloarts for a glimpse into his personal life. 

For collaborations, custom-made work or image licensing inquiries email him at  

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